New information portal for investment in Caribbean energy sector

The announcement was made after a special forum between representatives of CARICOM met in Miami to identify needs and functions for the Caribbean Energy Knowledge Hub (CEKH), and facilitate the implementation of the CARICOM’s Sustainable Energy Roadmap and Strategy (C-SERMS).

The need for sharing of technical knowledge to support CARICOM’s new climate-aware and resilient development goals was emphasised. Among the proposed solutions was a strengthening of the CEKH, as the data and knowledge framework was deemed key to support the islands’ energy targets. The CEKH will therefore now serve as an institutional intelligence repository and sharing resource for more efficient and cost-effective decision-making in the energy sector, benefiting both public and private stakeholders.

“If we can improve the information and knowledge framework around which projects are designed and developed, then we believe that we can make a significant dent on this cost”, said Dr. Gary Jackson, Executive Director of the newly established Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Efficiency.