New biomass plant opens in Cuba

A new biomass plant has been set up in Cuba, using waste from a rice processing plant to produce energy.

The new is in the Enrique Troncoso mill, the largest in the Province. The mill is affiliated with the Palacios Agroindustrial Enterprise.

This circular energy system uses rice husks byproducts to produce energy for drying rice. The rice processing complex is among the largest energy consumers in the territory, according to MSc Ariel Rodríguez, of the Cubaenergía company and this new plant will therefore help to save over 200 tons of diesel fuel a year.

The biomass plant received support from the Environmental Bases for Local Food Sustainability project, or Basal project, affiliated with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. With these institutions support, as well as international collaboration, the machinery was acquired to produce this green energy.

Additionally, up to 2.4MWh of electricity will also be generated, reducing the plant’s consumption of energy from the national grid.

Yusniel Illas, director and engineer at the plant, stated that mill aims to replace all diesel needed in the drying process.