Nassau’s Arawak Port receives $3m from IDB to install solar PV and efficiency upgrades

The Arawak Port in Nassau, Bahamas is set to have solar PV, LED lights, and other energy efficiency activities after signing a $3m loan from the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), the private sector arm of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The power generated from the solar PV system could exceed the power required for the Port’s own needs, and thus

The Arawak Port Development company (APD Limited), a public-private partnership between the private sector and the Government of the Bahamas, has expressed interest in selling excess energy back to Bahama Power & Light’s grid, but acknowledged that the regulatory framework was still trying to catch up.

APD also said that the partnership established with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) could pave the way for APD to access international growth opportunities.

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