Montserrat advances port development project

Monserrat has embarked on the final step of the procurement process for a £21 million port development project. The Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour held a tender meeting for the five shortlisted companies who are bidding to supervise and provide and technical consultancy. Four companies attended the meeting, including IMC Worldwide Ltd (UK); Stantech Consultant International (Canada); B Eid Holdings (Canada) and Caribbean Coastal Services Ltd (Bahamas). Mott McDonald is the fifth company; however, a representative was present for the tenders meeting.

Project coordinator, Rolando Cassie explained that under this phase of the project the funds will be used for consultancy and construction work. He said, “This project will see the development of a breakwater of approximately 250-300 meters in length with a berth to allow for the docking of cruise and cargo ships in a much safer environment and will also have a ro-ro facility to accommodate the current type of cargo transportation we have on Montserrat.” The project is expected to begin in October 2018, with the project completed in 2020.