Montserrat 250 KW solar PV plant enters into commission, geothermal also moving forward

Montserrat inaugurated a major solar PV project, with the Premier saying the island would continue to develop both solar PV and geothermal energy projects. 

The 250KW solar PV plant has entered into commission, and will deliver 10% of Montserrat’s load demand.

Montserrat Premier Romeo also emphasised the country’s goals for geothermal energy development, saying “on geothermal, we have already two wells that have proven capacity to support our needs. And, a third well that has unfortunately met with technical difficulties. However, we are still moving forward to develop this form of green energy, through working with partners to bring geothermal power plant in place”.

Premier Romeo commended the milestone for the nation’s green renewable energy development. A further 750 KW of solar PV and battery projects are in planning phase.

Montserrat Utilities Limited will manage the solar power plant. The European Development Fund, EDF 10 was amongst the organisations that financed the project. 

An EU representative, Kyle Walrond, added: “As you know we are committed to support the effort that goes toward mitigation of climate change worldwide and every step, small or big towards our common goal of making peace with our planet. (…) Montserrat forges ahead with its goal of transitioning from a fossil fuel based energy sector to a renewable based energy sector.”