Microgrids announced for Aruba and US Virgin Islands

Austin, Texas-based Ideal Power on June 22 announced it is building a 200kW off-grid solar +storage and diesel microgrid system at a commercial facility on the US Virgin Island.

Six Ideal Power Stabiliti units will replace on-site diesel-fueled power generation with solar PV and LiB capacity. All three power generation assets will be integrated into Ideal’s Stabiliti microgrid systems platform, enabling facility managers to manage two-way flows of electrical power/energy 24×7, the company highlights in a press release. The hybrid microgrid project is expected to reduce fuel and energy costs, as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Swedish-Swiss corporation, ABB, announced on June 22 that it will provide an advanced microgrid to WEB Aruba N.V., the main power utility serving the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. ABB’s software, automation and control technologies will help WEB Aruba integrate solar and wind energy, forecast and plan better and optimize operations in real-time, while meeting Aruba’s growing demand for electricity.

Peak power demand on Aruba is 134MW, across an island that’s 51 miles long and 16 miles wide at its widest point with a resident population of some 103,000.

“This innovative microgrid solution will support the island of WEB Aruba to integrate more renewables and maintain reliability and efficiency of power supplies to meet increasing demand for electricity,” said Massimo Danieli, head of ABB’s Grid Automation business, which part and parcel of ABB’sPower Grids division.