Mexico announces tender for geothermal drilling and new information repository for geothermal projects

Geothermal energy is expanding in Mexico, with two announcements this week regarding the drilling of two wells for geothermal energy, and the upcoming development of a database on geothermal water resources in the country.

CFE, Mexico’s state power utility announced a tender for the drilling of two wells in the Los Azufres geothermal project. These wells will increase the steam supply to the power generation units. Technical offers for the project are expected before the deadline of June 12, with further economic bids expected before June 18 after an initial approval.

A collaboration between the Mexico State Water Commission and the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of  Mexico aims to develop an information repository of geothermal water resources in Mexico.

This database will categorise the different water resources by zones, and identify their quality and components as they affect the behaviour of aquifers. This tool will allow for information sharing and dissemination of the chemical data and water behavior, quality and quantity according to the areas that are reported.

This Repository will be available to both the scientific community and the general public, with its information corresponding to more than 70 years of thematic study that directly supports practical and documentary research, said Director General of the CEAG Angélica Casillas Martínez.

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