License granted for geothermal project in Chile

The Chilean Energy Ministry has awarded a license for geothermal exploitation of the Peumayén concession in souther Chile to Transmark Chile SpA.

Transmark Renewables is an international company specializing in the global development of geothermal energy, with presence in three continents. One of the regional centres of the company is in Chile.

A license was awarded to Transmark for the 50MWe Tolhuaca Project. Located on the north-west flan of the Tolhuaca volcano, the plant could potentially reach up to 200 MWe.

Transmark undertook a first exploration and data collection over the last two years, with additional studies and fieldwork which resulted in a development plan for the geothermal project.

Next steps will include the initial development of the power plan, and in future the plant will contribute to Chile’s diversification of its energy mix. Through renewable energy, the plant will be able to generate electricity for more than 200 000 households.