Jamaica to invest USD 25m on energy storage

Jamaica’s power utility, Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) announced it would commission a USD 25 million energy storage facility.

The 24.5MW plant will be the first facility of its kind in Jamaica, and will help to address power fluctuations.

This storage facility will act like a battery, charging when solar and wind-energy plants generate energy and releasing it in periods of low energy generation.

This storage facility will allow Jamaica to continue to rely on clean and cheaper energy sources like solar and wind, as it has been since it incorporated these technologies to its national grid in 2016. It will provide a consistent and stable power supply – this will translate into less power cuts for the surrounding population.

The storage facility, which will be located at the JPS Hunt’s Bay power station in Kingston, will be “functional by the second quarter of this year”, announced Blaine Jarrett JPS Vice President of Energy Delivery.