IRENA publishes ‘Renewable Energy: A gender perspective’ report

A report recently published by IRENA emphasised the role of women in renewable energy, and calculated that 32% of the workforce are women.

This key report researched the women’s roles, as workers and decision-makers, in the global renewable energy market. Considering the previous knowledge gap on this matter, this report puts forward interesting findings.

Through an online survey and in-depth research, the report highlighted women’s contributions to the field, the challenges they face, and the actions that government’s and corporations can take to address these.

Whilst women representing a third of the renewable energy workforce compares favourably to the wider to the broader energy sector, there is still room for improvement.

A more representative workforce not only translates into a better achievement of gender equality, it’s also been proven to shape positive social and economic outcomes. As the renewable energy industry evolves and expands, women’s contributions may help “fill its growing need for skills”, states the report.