IRENA helps Central America integrate renewables


The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has stepped in to help Central America meet its 2020 target for renewable energy. The “concrete results” expected include an 11% renewables generation target for the region; this will be facilitated by programs like the Renewables Readiness Assessment for Panama and the Clean Energy Corridor of Central America.

Energy stakeholders at the conference included electric utilities, distributors and financiers relevant to the Central American market. IRENA organized workshops focusing on the challenges and opportunities to integrating green technologies into the regional power system. Panamá Secretary of Energy, Víctor Carlos Urrutia Guardia, mentioned the importance of the forum toward meeting the goals set by the Paris COP21 agreement last year, saying that “IRENA is helping the region identify new innovative solutions to incorporate more renewables and improve grid interconnection.”

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