Guyana to explore its wind power generation potential

Guyana’s Ministry of Public Infrastructure has installed wind measurement stations along its coast to determine the potential of wind as a source for energy generation.

“Our department has done a lot of work with solar energy over the years”, said Horace Williams, CEO of Hinterland Electricity Company Incorporated (HECI), the body undertaking this project. “We want hydropower and of course we want wind power too in the sustainable energy programme mix”. Mr. Williams emphasised the benefits of potential wind farms for these coastal areas, if the assessment were to indicate a high viability for the use of this natural resource. 

The project will cost over USD 160 000. The Global Environmental Facility (GEF) is funding the project, whilst the Inter-American Development (IDB) has assumed a managing role.

The stations, mounted on 200-feet high towers, are located along Guyana’s Atlantic coast on four measurement testing locations with the highest potential.

The assessment period will finish on December 31, 2019. With the data gathered, informed decisions will be made about the viability of wind energy as a part of the national energy mix. It is estimated that annual mean wind speeds of 7m/s will satisfy the requirements for operational wind turbines and wind farms along Guyana’s coast.