Geothermal leaders meet in Central America to explore increased geothermal capacity

Central American countries are world leaders in terms of installed geothermal energy, but have the potential for 20 times current installed capacity. This geothermal potential could serve as a key tool to low-carbon economic development, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), if regional governments can adopt the policy and regulatory frameworks necessary to support its deployment. During a workshop organized by IRENA and LaGeo in El Salvador, participants will identify measures to open the region for further geothermal development. “Central America holds some of the world’s most promising geothermal resources, that if utilised can help the region secure and deliver, inexpensive electricity while stimulating low-carbon economic growth,” said Gurbuz Gonul, Acting Director of Country, Support and Partnerships at IRENA. “Through the sharing of knowledge, experience and lessons learned from the leading geothermal countries in Central America, this workshop will help establish the building blocks for the stable, long-term policy framework needed to overcome barriers in geothermal development,” added Mr. Gonul.