El Salvador signs agreement with Italian firm to supply a geothermal plant

Turboden has signed an agreement with LaGeo to supply an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) geothermal power plant in El Salvador.

The Italian firm’s newly acquired project is a 8MWe geothermal plant at the Berlín Geothermal Field.

LaGeo is a geothermal development company which develops geothermal resources in El Salvador. Currently, the company contributes a fourth of the energy demand in El Salvador.

“With this new project we see a big potential for our Company to integrate its technology with existing geothermal plants, making them more efficient, with no additional drilling required,” said  Turboden CEO, Paolo Bertuzzi. “This first plant in Central America is a great result for us, after the successful start-up of the 14 MWe Lightning Dock unit in New Mexico.”