Dominica’s geothermal project will receive $17.2m from World Bank

Dominica’s 7 MW geothermal project will get an injection of $17.2 million from The World Bank.  The bank’s Operations Officer, Karlene Francis, speaking at the launch of the Climate Resilience Execution Agency for Dominica (CREAD) said, “The bank is also working with the Dominica Geothermal Development Company to prepare a geothermal risk mitigation project. Geothermal energy is extremely resilient and consistent with the government’s strategy. We acknowledge the strong partnership with a number of donors including the government of New Zealand . . . which have joined the efforts to co-finance the project valued at US$48 million of which US$17.2 million will be funded by the World Bank.”

His Excellency Dr. Vince Henderson, Dominica’s Ambassador to the Organization of American States and the United States, delivered an updated timeline for the project. “Construction will take about 18 months. With our best efforts we will be able to get that plant constructed by mid-2020. So, by the middle of 2020 we hope that we will be able to commission our Geothermal Power Plant,” he said.