Dominican Republic to tender concessions for large-scale renewables projects

Officials from the Ministry of Energy, the National Commission of Electricity (CNE) and the Corporation of the Corporation of State Electric Companies (CDEEE) in Dominican Republic, have announced a new tender process which will grant licenses for the development of large-scale wind and solar projects. The tender will apply to all those projects which are currently on the process of installation and those which operate without a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This new process will gradually replace procurement through PPAs.

“From now on in terms of renewable energy, the State will decide what it wants, where it wants it, with what technology and the amount. This will provide a general framework to then decide the concessions offers in the tender,” The Energy Minister of the island, Isa Conde stated.

Government officials believe this will help organize the development of the renewable market in the island and bring clarity and transparency to the industry. This is particularly important to the Dominican Republic which is currently developing various large-scale solar projects, three of them which are planned to start test operations in 2018.