Dominican Republic identifies 1.8 GW of solar potential and looks to energy storage

The Dominican Republic has theoretically a solar potential of 50 gigawatts, according to a recent study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The executive director of the National Energy Commission (CNE), Juan Rodríguez Nina, has stated, however, that the real potential of the country can reach a maximum of 1.8 gigawatts.

“This deviation between the total potential of the country and the result of IRENA is explained by the exclusion of protected areas, as well as other technical limitations that are being analyzed in greater depth by our technicians together with those of the OC-SENI and the results will be available For next year, “explained Rodríguez Nina in the course of a conference.

In addition, it has stated that energy storage is being considered as a viable option and that access to finance is expected to flow towards this type of investment as investment costs continue to decline.

Source (Spanish).