Dominica to start construction on geothermal project in Q3 2019

The Government of Dominica has announced its goal to start construction of a geothermal power plant before the end of this year.

The project, located in the Roseau Valley and just outside the island’s capital city, is funded by the IDB and the Caribbean Development Bank, with support from the World Bank. In March 2018, the World Bank had announced it would provide over USD 17 million towards the advancement of geothermal power in Dominica, through the construction of this power plant.

Energy Minister Ian Douglas stated it could provide a major boost for the local economy. The project is also widely regarded as a pillar of the Government’s plan for Dominica to become the firs climate resilient country in the world.

Dominica Geothermal Development company, a local government-established company, develops and manages the project.