Dominica to build geothermal plant in Q3 2019

Dominica’s Energy Minister, Ian Douglas, announced the government’s plan to build a geothermal plant before the end of this year.

The plant will be located by the capital city of Roseau, with construction expected to start in the third quarter of 2019.

This geothermal project hopes to power 23 000 homes -approximately 90% of the entire population- with geothermal energy.

“With the commissioning of this plant, we will be in a position to benefit from clean, reliable, low-cost, renewable, high-quality energy supply in the future, which will benefit all sectors of productive activity in Dominica,” Douglas said.

Funding for this project was partly acquired though Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment programme. Other investment came from the World Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

With UN predictions that Dominica may undergo the greatest GDP growth in 2019 in the Caribbean region, a constant flow of investment and a government commitment to become the “world’s first climate resilient nation”, it looks to be an important year for growth and investment in renewable energy for the Caribbean island.