Dominica geothermal plant in final stages of price negotiation

The government of Dominica is currently in final negotiations with DOMLEC, the power utility of Dominica, on the price of power and the power tariff for the planned geothermal power plant. This power tariff will the determine at what tariff electricity can be made available to Dominica and the consumers.

According to Ian Douglas, Minister for Energy of Dominica, these discussions are almost complete.

Furthermore there are ongoing discussions on details of the route of the pipelines and transmission and the design and build out of the small geothermal power plant.

Dominica has spent around $100 million (East Caribbean Dollars – which are around USD 37 million) so far of its own money, but has also been supported by financial and technical assistance, by among others the Clinton Climate Change Fund.

The country expects to be able to reduce the price of electricity for the island state and the consumers.

Via ThinkGeoEnergy (original source)