Cuba plans to switch on 4.4 MW solar farm in March

In 2017, Cuba installed 32 MW of new solar PV bringing the current total is 65 MW, but in March the nunber will rise yet again, with the planned inauguration of a 4.4 MW solar farm. The solar project is nearly completed in the province of Sancti Spíritus. The project required an investment of 12 million pesos, granted by a loan from China to finance 100 MW in Cuba. The Electric Company of Sancti Spíritus plans to install another six parks in Sancti Spíritus during 2018. In fact, land clearing work has already begun for two of them, which will be located in Yaguajay and Arroyo Blanco and will have an installed capacity of 2.2 MW each. The plant that will be located in Mayajigua will have a slightly higher power, 4.4 MW, that of Venegas will be 1.2 MW. These two parks are not included in the Chinese loan that will finance the rest of the works in Sancti Spíritus. In the second half of the year two other parks will be undertaken in Trinidad.