Kelly Tomblin

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Tomblin, author of 100 Days of Doing Power Differently, has worked more than twenty-five years in the energy industry, in both competitive and vertically integrated markets throughout the United States, Caribbean, U.K. and Latin America.  She has experience in the generation, transmission and distribution sectors as well as renewable development, energy sales and electric construction.  Kelly has worked in all areas of the industry, including legal, customer service, regulatory, plant and field operations, and organization transformation.

A winner of the S&L Platts Global CEO of the Year award, Kelly now serves as Chief Executive Officer of INTREN, L.L.C., a leading utility solutions provider based in Union, IL with 12 regional offices throughout the country.  INTREN is one of the largest owned and operated WBE-certified specialty utility contractor in the United States and is proud to have a majority female board with a chairwoman who was named 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year™ in the Energy, Cleantech and Natural Resources category.

Prior to INTREN, Kelly served as President & Chief Executive Officer of Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), where she helped align employees around the company’s vision of leading an energy revolution for the growth and prosperity of Jamaica. That focus helped to improve the Company’s public image and rebuild the Company’s operations. Recognized twice as the most powerful woman in Jamaica, Tomblin and JPS brought natural gas to Jamaica, began an extensive smart grid program and significantly enhance the diversity of generation.  Prior to JPS, she served as Vice President for GDF SUEZ/International Power, one of the world’s largest energy companies and President of Pennsylvania Electric Company, a FirstEnergy Company.

Kelly is a global speaker on organizational alignment, leadership and gender equality. She spearheads strategic solutions to meet and exceed her customers’ business needs and believes that healthy organizations are designed to expand the human potential. As a leader, she works to improve communication and employee engagement, champion workplace wellness and personal development initiatives, and empowers her teams to stamp their work with their hearts. Her book, 100 Days of Doing Power Differently, is a guidebook that empowers people to own their individual impact and explore their understanding of leadership through a new model—ThinkLove.

Kelly has an MBA from New York University’s Leonard Stern School of Business and a Juris Doctorate and BS in Journalism (with a public relations concentration) from West Virginia University.