Costa Rica to install 34 EV charging stations

Costa Rica has announced it will install 34 fast charging centres for electric vehicles across the country.

The map for the location of the charging centres was announced as the Law of Incentives and Promotion for Electric Transportation was signed last week. The project was led by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Costa Rican Electricity Institute.

These fast-loading centres will “allow the national population and tourists to move in an electric vehicle throughout the country without fear of running out of battery”, said First Lady Claudia Dobles. “It’s about fast charging, where people will load 80% of their vehicle’s battery in an estimated time of 20 minutes.”

This is an important and positive step forward for Costa Rica to fulfill its Decarbonization Plan and become carbon-neutral. The country’s major emissions come from transport. The Minister of Environment and Energy Carlos Manuel Rodríguez added it was the country’s commitment to become “modern, green, emission-free, resilient and inclusive economy. This means electrifying transport and ensuring the population a recharging infrastructure network that allows users of electric vehicles to travel throughout the national territory.”