Costa Rica reaches milestone in wind energy generation

Costa Rica’s National Electric System (SEN) reached its highest number in generation of wind power since it began operating.

Costa Rica was the first country in Latin America to add wind energy to its electricity matrix, in 1996.

This year, the country has accumulated over 1500 GW/h, surpassing the 1290 GW/h generated in 2017, with six weeks left in 2018.

Currently, Costa Rica has more than 385 MW of installed capacity in 16 wind farms around the country.

Wind turbines are an important source of energy for Costa Rica’s electricity matrix, representing over 15% of the electric generation, and second only to hydroelectric energy which stands at 74%.

This will be the fourth consecutive year that Costa Rica has surpassed 98% in renewable electric generation. This achievement is largely due the diversity of the electric matrix and the use of resources available in the environment.