Costa Rica eliminates taxes for electric vehicles

Costa Rica’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2021 is closer with the passage of a new law meant to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles. Last week, the government adopted a new initiative to eliminate sales, customs, and circulation taxes for electric vehicles and a free parking scheme. Under the new law, municipal parking facilities will be free of charge for electric vehicles. “This law will make it possible to transform Costa Rica’s vehicle fleet in just a few years, from cars, cargo vehicles, trains and buses, replacing them with 100 percent electric vehicles,” said President Luis Guillermo Solís when he signed the law at the headquarters of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE). He added, “Costa Rica has all the conditions to spearhead this effort, unprecedented in Latin America.” The country’s EV infrastructure currently includes 20 charging stations, and the government plans to increase this number to 61 this year.