Colombia and U.S. sign MoU to strengthen cooperation on energy

Colombia and the U.S.have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a framework of cooperation on energy matters, including in the renewable energy sector.

The agreement aims to establish technical assistance, knowledge and information sharing, capacity-building to push forward their energy transition.

Colombian President, Iván Duque, Colombian Secretary of State Carlos Holmes Trujillo, the Minister of Mines and Energy, María Fernanda Suárez, and the U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry signed the agreement this Monday.

A wide range of areas for cooperation were identified in the agreement, including modernization initiatives; energy efficiency initiatives; electricity in non-interconnected areas; strengthening the resilience and reliability of the supply channels and the electrical distribution system in the face of contingencies; integration and use of distributed energy sources and planning of integrated integrated sources; development of “renewable plus” networks, including the generation of renewable energy, energy storage and the generation of thermal energy; initiatives of digitalization and decentralization of the electric sector, and more.

The memorandum states it is guided “by the mutual desire to promote the responsible development of natural resources, encourage investment and economic development in the energy sectors of their respective countries and in regional and global energy markets, as well as safeguarding their citizens and their environment. ”