Chinese company wins bid for Cuba’s 3.9 MW solar project

Cuba has ambitious solar plans to install upwards of 700 MW of solar PV, and China is once again playing a part in that growth. Risen Energy, a Chinese based solar energy module manufacturer, has won the contract for a 3.9MW solar project in Cuba. It was reported earlier this year that a Chinese contractor will be involved in a 4.4 MW solar project, as well, in the district of Sancti Spiritus. As of the end of 2015, an estimated 22 MW of solar energy was installed in Cuba, and that amount was expected to double in 2016. “This is a great opportunity for our company to promote further the relations between China and Cuba,” said Risen Energy Chairman, Hang Wong. “For this reason, I believe that Risen Energy will help Cuba to develop renewable energy infrastructure, and start utilizing to a greater extent the renewable energy sources. We will help upgrade the local energy system in Cuba by providing the technological power of Chinese industry.”