Cayman Islands: Proposed National Energy Policy sets goal of 70% renewables by 2037

The Cayman Islands are reviewing a National Energy Policy which would increase the current 0.9% renewables in its electricity mix to 70% by 2037.

Cayman Islands Councillor to the Minister of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs, Winston Connolly, told attendees gathered at the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Forum (CSEF) this week that the draft Policy was completed on Friday, January 20, and sent to Cabinet for consideration.

Connolly admitted that it was “an uphill battle” even with his own parliamentary colleagues as he sought to get buy-in for the transition to renewable energy.

“I had to educate some of my peers who were of the opinion that renewable energy is for the rich and if we go down that road the poor will suffer,” he said.

“I realised that in a country that is basking in all the naturally-provided energy, that has tourism and the environment at play every single day, if we continued with that viewpoint we would get nowhere.”

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