Caribbean Seeks Funding for Renewable Energy Mix

Referring to the Caribbean as “a ticking time bomb,” president of the Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation (OGEF), Jim Shnell, highlighted the importance of transitioning to reducing the pace of climate change by increasing island renewable energy mix. OGEF, an organization that seeks to fund the R&D needed to tap into the earth’s vast geothermal energy resources, was represented at The Martinique Conference on Island Energy Transitions.

renewable energy mix


While wind and solar are steps forward, Shnell insits that “you need something like geothermal or hydropower that works all the time and provides enough energy to keep the grid running even when there is no solar energy. […] you need to have a balance of your resources but it is quite possible to have that balance and still make it 100 percent renewable and do without fossil fuels altogether.”

Join in on the discussion on barriers and solutions to overcoming these challenges and increasing the renewable energy mix at the 2015 Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum or read the rest of the article here.