Caribbean islands increasing investment in electric vehicles

Given the costs on imported fuel for energy, Barbados and other Caribbean islands are boosting the number of electric vehicles on their roads. However, the expansion does face challenges, mainly due to the high initial costs, stiff import duties on electrical vehicles and a lack of regulatory support. However, more and more, island governments are investing in more research, polices and incentives to help enhance the market.


For example, in Barbados the island’s electricity utility, along with several government departments and the private sector are investing in electric cars, and have helped built solar car-ports. Similarly, policies have also been implemented in other Caribbean islands including St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Cuba.


In general, more and more islands in the region have understood the benefits of electric cars and what they can do to improve public transportation and reduce the dependence of expensive diesel. Overall, the most important challenge of the island is to bring prices down to help kick-start an electric car revolution in the region.