Caribbean as an example for the growing eco-friendly construction sector

The Caribbean could teach eco-friendly construction practices as interest for this sector grows.

The industry of environmentally-friendly or green construction is steeply growing: it’s expected to generate more than 6.5 million jobs by 2030.

To be eco-friendly, construction need to consider how buildings can be designed to cope with lower carbon emissions and rising energy costs. Materials are often often gathered from sustainable sources, and waste disposal measures are integrated into the planning.

These are techniques familiar to construction projects and architects in the Caribbean, where local island resources are used efficiently, as well as other eco-conscious practices.

Trinidadian architect Gillian Fraser says most architects in the Caribbean naturally want to build green, and Caribbean builders have been using green construction methods for years.

Caribbean eco-friendly construction architects and building planners could be seen as expert in this growing sector, with many examples of green buildings in the region.