Battery energy storage coming to Martinique wind farm

Nidec ASI will be installing 5MW / 5MWh of battery energy storage at a utility-scale wind farm on the French island territory of Martinique, aimed at stabilising and maximising the flow of energy onto the grid.

The Grand Rivière wind project, a 14MW wind farm on the Caribbean island, which comprises seven wind turbines of 2MW capacity each and an annual energy output of around 40GWh, will be equipped with the battery energy storage system (BESS).

The BESS includes batteries, obviously, power conversion system, power management system and energy management system. According to Nidec ASI, the project’s main innovative aspect is the ability of the management, control and monitoring technology to accurately forecast electricity production, with the company claiming it raises forecast accuracy to 90%, from 70% in previously executed or comparable projects.