Barbados looks to solar energy, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles for a 100% renewables future

The Minister responsible for Energy, Hon. Darcy Boyce suggests that Barbados will achieve 29% annual reduction in electricity consumption through a new LED street light program and retrofitting government buildings with rooftop solar. The street light program will be funded by the IDB and EU to change out nearly 30,000 street lights for energy efficient LED bulbs.

Aiming to save $3 million annually with the street lights program, Hon. Darcy Boyce remarked, “When that is combined with the work to retrofit 13 government buildings with solar photovoltaic, it begins to add up.”


In addition to changing out the street lights and retrofitting the 13 government buildings, Barbados also anticipates a growing number of electric vehicles. So far government has two electric vehicles as part of a pilot project and is expected to procure about six more by the end of this year.

Head of the Green Economy and Resilience Section of the EU Peter Sturesson urged officials to go even further to focus on energy efficiency, pointing out that this is an important aspect if the country is to save critical foreign exchange.

“As you know, the European Union remains committed to support renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development in Barbados and in the Caribbean region,” Sturesson said.