Bahamas 132MW LNG power plant on track to open by Q4 2019

The technology group and leader in the field of renewable energy Wärtsilä has been awarded a contract to deliver a power plant in the Commonwealth of Bahamas.

The Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) utility company has ordered the construction of the 132MW power.

Seven high efficiency Wärtsilä 50 engines will run the plant, using liquified natural gas (LNG). The system will provide a stable supply of electricity to offset the intermittent supply from solar and wind energy.

“We have selected highly efficient Wärtsilä prime movers that are suitable for the Bahamas environment, and which have the flexibility to be upgraded to burn natural gas when LNG becomes available on the island of New Providence”, said Mr Whitney Hastie, CEO of BPL. “We are convinced that as a technology leader in energy efficient engine solutions and as an experienced EPC contractor, Wärtsilä will meet our expectations for this project.”

“Wärtsilä has the expertise to support these initiatives and look forward to a long-lasting partnership with BPL”, added Edmund Phillips, Business Development Manager, Caribbean, Wärtsilä Energy Business.

As a fast-track project, the plant is expected to enter into operation by the end of the summer 2019.