Anguilla will expand and rebuild air and sea ports

Anguilla was decimated by Hurricane Irma, but plans to rebuild better are already in the works. While phone, internet, and electricity are being restored to the island, travel ports are getting an upgrade. The chief minister of Anguilla, Victor Banks, announced that plans are in place for the expansion of Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport (AXA) and the reconstruction of the Blowing Point ferry terminal. The British government will support the project, sending a team from the British Corps of Royal Engineers to oversee the runway expansion project – adding 600 feet to its current 5,400 feet. The new length will accommodate larger aircraft, including B-737 series used by North American carriers. 

Construction is set to begin shortly for the rebuilding of the Blowing Point ferry terminal, which connects the island to neighboring islands.

“We recognize that facilitating access to the island is the key to the revival of our tourism industry,” said Donna Banks, chairperson, Anguilla Tourist Board. “Our goal is to provide access not only for visitors to Anguilla, but also for our neighboring islands, all of whom are dependent on tourism for their economic well-being,” she continued.

Significant progress is also being made on the restoration of the electricity grid; power lines to many villages on the central line through Crocus Hill and The Valley have been restored in the three weeks following Irma.