Advanced technology battery energy storage system for Bermuda

Construction of a high-tech battery energy storage system has begun in Bermuda.

The energy storage system built for industry will “help reduce costs and ensure a more reliable electricity supply” for BELCO, the Bermuda Electric Light Company.

The BESS can store up to 10MW of power, and will allow for estimated savings of $2 million on fuel and maintenance costs. 

“The investment in the project is expected to be paid off in four years and the batteries are built to last for 20 years”, said Stephanie Simons, BELCO mechanical engineer. “This is just one part of our capital plan that will ensure reliable and cost-effective electricity for our customers for many years to come.”

“The BELCO project continues a long series of successful energy storage deployments by Saft to support island grids since 2003”, added Hervé Amossé, Saft Executive Vice President Telecom, Transportation and Grid “Saft is committed to provide BELCO with a reliable and high-performance spinning reserve solution as an alternative to its generators.”