New Energy Events brings together an unusual combination of conference professionals, renewables experts, and finance specialists. We have worked across the Americas, in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Together, we understand the issues driving the renewable energy market, and we know how to run a world-class event.

Through events, webinars, and the stream of market intelligence we deliver year-round we act as a vital bridge between regional renewable resources and international providers of technology and capital.

For all of our events, our commitment to bringing key stakeholders to the table – governments, utilities, developers, and financiers – elevates the quality of the dialog and provides our sponsors and delegates with superb opportunities both to get a handle on regional markets and to develop new business streams.

Ultimately we are motivated by the issues surrounding the implementation of renewables, and sustained by our ability to bring world-class technology and capital into the markets in which we are active.

Some of the things we do differently:

1. We’re vested. If you succeed, we succeed. If our events lead to the financing and development of your projects, we know you’ll spread the word – and we know you’ll be back. Framed another way, we’re in this together.

2. We’re on the ground. We’ve been in these markets, year in year out, since 2009. We know the issues, the challenges, the players – and the opportunities.

3. We’re transparent. If we say that 400 delegates are confirmed to attend it’s because they are, not because we want you to sign up.

4. We’re committed to delivering a return. Attending one of our events is an investment, not a cost. We’ll put you in front of the right people – saving you thousands on travel and countless days on the road – and provide you with the sort of insights which will transform your business development.