60 GWh wind power plant inaugurated in Costa Rica

The Cacao Wind Energy Farm in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica, will benefit 20 000 homes and 127 000 people, it was announced at the facility’s opening ceremony.

This wind farm is one of nine currently in development in the northwestern region of the country, and the second built by Coopeguanacaste in that province.

Over USD 50 million were invested into the wind farm, which has high technological standards, and a a capacity of 60.11 GWh.

This project is in line with the country’s aim to decarbonise the economy, using clean and renewable energy, and Costa Rica’s wider goals to become the first carbon-neutral country.

Vice President of Coopeguanacaste, Marvin Rodriguez also emphasised the importance of empowering and supporting community projects through the active participation of its inhabitants.