$2.5m initiative will bring 100+ microgrids to Puerto Rico

Resilient Power Puerto Rico (RPPR), a solar power initiative formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, launched a $2.5 million outreach initiative to bring electricity – primarily via microgrids – to 100 community centers throughout Puerto Rico, some of which are still without power nearly six months after the hurricane. The RPPR are storm resilient microgrids that utilize solar energy and battery storage systems, like the Tesla Powerwall.

With the support of key funding partners, RPPR has launched an ambitious initiative to install 5kW to 10kW solar microgrids in high-impact sites across the island including La Playita and Caño Martin Pena, two densely populated communities in the San Juan metro area. “We have an opportunity to make a significant humanitarian impact while also shifting the paradigm on how energy is delivered and consumed on the island,” says Jonathan Marvel, who was recently appointed to the Resilient Puerto Rico Advisory Commission, and whose architectural firm serves as the hub of RPPR’s operations.

The RPPR long term mission is to address the vulnerabilities of the island’s existing, fossil-fueled electrical infrastructure by supporting initiatives that promote renewable, clean energy.