Wayne Stensby

LUMA Energy Puerto Rico
President & CEO

Wayne Stensby is President & Chief Executive Officer, LUMA Energy, a newly-formed company owned 50 per cent by Canadian Utilities Limited, an ATCO company, and 50 per cent by Quanta Services. LUMA will transform and operate Puerto Rico’s electric transmission and distribution system over a term of 15 years.

Mr. Stensby joined ATCO in 1988 and has held a variety of leadership positions, including assignments in Canada, the U.K. and Australia. Most recently, in mid-2019, Mr. Stensby was appointed Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, where he was responsible for the growth of Canadian Utilities’ global portfolio of investments in premier energy infrastructure. In his Corporate Development role, he led the completion of the company’s Canadian fossil-fuel generation business divestiture, as well as the early completion and subsequent sale of Alberta PowerLine. Mr. Stensby initiated both strategic activities while in his previous role as Managing Director, Electricity, which he had held from 2015. Prior to this, he led ATCO’s Australian operations as Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer of ATCO Australia.

Mr. Stensby holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alberta and is registered as a Professional Engineer with APEGA.