Emmanuel Durand

Renewable energy economist

Emmanuel Durand is an Economist and RE Modelling Expert at iiDevelopment, a German boutique advisory firm specialized on optimal performance of RE scale-up investments in emerging markets, from SPV- to national level. Mr. Durand combines advanced academic training and practical experience in energy economics, finance and political science, and is a leading member of iiDevelopment’s RE Country Diagnostics team, which has provided tailor-made, quantitative analysis of VRE grid integration in close to 20 sunbelt countries to date. Over the last 5 years Mr. Durand has worked on donor projects in more than 15 countries, and has advised the Haitian Government and the World Bank on the Haiti SREP IP since its inception.

iiDevelopment (iiDev) is a boutique advisory firm specialized in advanced modelling and planning solutions and software for renewable energy (RE) grid integration, and all economic, financial, technical and regulatory aspects of RE transactions and financing vehicles, both at risk and as white label products for governments, donors and commercial banks.