Lic. José Salvador Handal Candray

Consejo Nacional de Energía, Gobierno de El Salvador (CNE)
Executive Secretary

José Salvador Handal Candray is a professional graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, with a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energies and the Environment, both degrees from the University of El Salvador. He has extensive experience in geothermal, geophysics and research and development of renewable energy. He currently holds the position of Executive Secretary of the National Energy Council of El Salvador, having under his responsibility the formulation and implementation of the National Energy Policy, promoting the perfectibility of regulatory frameworks that promote investment, technological development, universalization and quality. of energy coverage, the competitive development of the sector to ensure energy that strengthens the sustainable development of our society. He represents El Salvador before the Director Council of the Regional Electricity Market (CDMER), the Council of Ministers of Energy of SICA and member of the Board of Directors of the Transactions Unit of the National Electricity Market. Previously, he held various positions in the company dedicated to the exploitation of geothermal resources (LaGeo), as Coordinator of Research in Renewable Energies, Director of Geothermal Potential Assessment Projects, Head of Geoscientific Research, geophysicist for exploration, groundwater management and geothermal reservoir engineering. He has had specialized training worldwide in Geothermal Technology, Advanced Geothermal, Comprehensive Geophysical Modeling, Reservoir Engineering, Hydrogeology, Thermosolar Generation, Photovoltaic and Wind Parks, Biomass Gasification, Business with Renewable Energy, among others. He is also a lecturer and consultant at national and international level, on topics of Advanced Geophysical Exploration, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Geothermal Environment and Renewable Energy, Energy Policies, Efficiency and Energy Saving.