Rolando Rodríguez González

Geotermia Centroamerican
Chief Advisor

Rolando Rodríguez González serves as the Chief Advisor for GCA on matters concerning GDF support for the El Porvenir project for Geotermia Centroamericana.  Mr. Rodríguez holds a BS in Engineering Management and Petroleum from University of Missouri – Rolla (now Missouri University of Science and Technology – MST, 1984), and an MBA in Finance from Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala, 1992). In addition, he has a specialization in financial analysis for hydropower (International Centre for Hydropower, Trondheim, Norway), and a specialization in “Small Wind Power” (RENAC, Berlin, Germany). He worked in the LPG industry (3 years) and in the financial sector -Stock Exchange- specializing in fixed income trading (15 years). Represented Oppenheimer and Co., specializing in commodities trading. Currently he is general manager for Estrategias de Inversión (founder, 1995) and co-founder of the Energy and Infrastructure Analysis Center (EIA Center Guatemala, 2008). Mr. Rodríguez is an active energy consultant specializing in petroleum and renewables economics (hydropower, wind, geothermal and energy efficiency).