Oscar Posadas

Secretary of Energy, Honduras
Renewable Energy Analyst, Office of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Oscar Posadas’ educational background includes a degree in Mechanical Engineer from the National University of Honduras (UNAH) and MSc in Renewable Energy from the Galileo University in Guatemala City. He is part of the Honduras’ Ministry of Energy as Renewable Energy Analyst, in which he has to work on making documents of policies that give an impulse to the renewable energy in Honduras, in
addition, he reviews requests for tax exemption for Companies that have Electricity Generation Projects with Renewable Energy, he also gives support to other Directorates within the Ministry in order to be in line with the Strategic Objectives. He works with people at the Education Ministry in order to introduce the knowledge of Renewable Energy and Efficiency Energy in the Education System from the nursery school up to the high school. He aspires to generate the ways for his country, (Honduras) to become more strategically developed in renewable energy in order to contribute a clean country to future generations.  In addition, he considers education as the key for all the countries to understand, analyze, design and start renewable energy generation projects. He thinks it is important to give the opportunities to the children as soon as possible in order for Honduras to become more competitive in the market.