Nicholas Goodman

Cyrq Energy

Mr. Goodman joined Raser Technologies, an NYSE listed independent power company in 2010, with the mandate to lead a company-wide restructuring. In 2011, Mr. Goodman completed this process including a thorough reorganization of the company’s capital structure, securing additional investment and taking the company private and renaming to Cyrq Energy, Inc. The company today owns and operates utility scale renewable energy plants in CA, UT, NM and NV. Mr. Goodman oversees day to day operations of the company, including plant operations, development efforts and project financings. Cyrq currently has several new projects under development in UT, CA and NV, is active in M&A discussions with multiple parties, and is pursuing new technology development combining geothermal technology with thermal storage. Mr. Goodman holds a Master of Science degree in Natural Resource Management with a concentration in Business Administration from the University of Vermont and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Middlebury College. He currently serves on several industry and not for profit boards.