Matilde Urqiuizo

CELEC, Ecuador
Projects Specialist

Matilde Urquizo currently serves as Project Specialist at the Planning Department Ecuador’s Electric Corporation (known by its Spanish accronym CELEC EP). She has worked on geothermal projects since 2011.   Her experience involves the building of human and infrastructure capabilities and managing surface exploration in Chacana, Chalpatan, Tufino-Chiles, Cerro Negro,  and Baños de Cuenca. Under her tenure, Ecuador finally achieved the first geothermal drilling in late 2017 in Chachimbiro Project, with help of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).  She is working on the next stage of Chachimbiro Project and a Geothermal Development Program with the Ministry of Energy of Ecuador. She is a trained electrical engineer from the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral and has a master’s degree in renewable energy from the University of Zaragoza. She has also participated in specialized geothermal trainings in El Salvador and Iceland. Currently, She is the ambassador for WING (Women in Geothermal) Ecuador and President pro tempore of the Ecuadorian Geothermal Association.