Dr. Marit Brommer

International Geothermal Association
Executive Director

Dr Marit Brommer is the Executive Director of the IGA since 2017 – Dr Brommer comes with 15 years of experience in the extractive industry where she has worked as subsurface portfolio manager. At the IGA she is focusing on creating strong partnerships with international operating organisations and industries. She is engaged in strategic initiatives, to consistently add value to the geothermal sector by creating opportunities for geothermal development underpinning the vision of achieving a net-zero future. The IGA stands for the International Geothermal Association, a global platform representing the geothermal sector serving 5500 members through 35 affiliated country members. The IGA mission is to facilitate and promote the uptake of geothermal resources. The IGA flagship, the World Geothermal Congress, takes place every three years, where it convenes the global geothermal sector and sets the future agenda.