Luis Adrián Mayén Flamenco

Consejo Nacional de Energía, Gobierno de El Salvador
Técnico de Proyectos Geoscientificos

Geophysicist, graduated of University of El Salvador. He has a Geothermal Specialization Diploma of University of El Salvador – LAGEO – UNU-GTP. He has experience with geothermal, hydrogeophysics, GIS and Remote Sensing topics, and has worked as a consultant in the Ministry of Education of El Salvador in the geoscience’s curricular matrix reform as well. Nowadays, he is working at the National Energy Council as geothermal projects focal point and coordinator of “Yacimientos II” program for El Salvador. Furthermore, he has been working with GIZ Geothermal Feasibility Map project team, sharing his expectations and knowledge of the field to get consistent results.