Dr. Alfonso Aragón Aguilar

INEEL, Mexico
Head of Dispatch of the Geothermal Management

Dr. Alfonso Aragón Aguilar works in the oil industry with a Doctorate in Thermo fluids. He worked in the CFE Geothermoelectric Project Management from 1977 to 1991, conducting pressure transient analysis; executing numerical simulations of geothermal reservoirs and participating in the design of the exploitation of geothermal fields in the country. Using numerical models of heat transfer, he conducted the designs for the numerical simulation of the injection, lead the designs for the construction of the injection lines, and started the operation of the evacuation systems for the brine produced in the geothermal fields in operation (Cerro Prieto in Baja California Norte; Los Azufres in Michoacán and Los Humeros in the state of Puebla), through deep injection into wells. In 1991 he joined the IIE (Geothermal Management), where he participated in the development of the METRE probe, which was used in various background parameter measurement services in wells in the geothermal fields of Los Azufres, Michoacán and Los Humeros, Puebla. He is the technical leader of Work Package 6 of the GEMex Project with the European Union, funded by the sustainability fund SENER-CONACYT. He is the author of more than 90 international articles related to the behavior of reservoirs. He has taught courses and conferences on reservoir analysis and simulation. He has directed bachelor’s and master’s thesis and is an evaluator of innovation and technological development projects of CONACYT (Number RCEA 201859). He belongs to the National System of Researchers and to the Doctoral Cloisters of UNAM, UMSNH and CENIDET.