Angela Prieto

Sigma Prima Geoengineering and Colombian Geothermal Association

Angela is a Colombian geologist. She began his career as a reservoir geologist at O&G. Her interest in geothermal led her to move to NZ where she worked on geological modeling, Geothermal manifestation monitoring, and petrophysics in soils and rocks at GNS Science. She saw an opportunity to delve into reservoir characterization using O&G petrophysics methods in Geothermal energy during her PhD at the University of Auckland. During her work with Professor Rosalind Archer, she learned first-hand the importance of supporting women in geothermal energy in different phases of life and career. During her doctorate, she helped catalyze interest in geothermal energy in Latin America, establishing connections in the region that led to the creation of the Colombian Geothermal Association, AGEOCOL, and the WING chapter in Colombia. Following her PhD she established her consulting company in NZ, under which she has trained in heat pump installation, with her own installation online already. Having recognized this path, she is working on a residential heat pump project in the Sabana de Bogotá. She is currently Secretary of AGEOCOL and a member of the IGA board.